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Dentally Disturbed: Family Poses as Fake Dentists, Fake Office and All

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It was not a good week to be posing as a dentist. After a group in Oklahoma was caught faking their credentials, a family in Little Havana, FL. was arrested on counts of child abuse and practicing without a license.

According to reports, Humberto Perez, 81, and his family were arrested Wednesday morning. Police say the family ran a fully functioning office out of the back of their home. Patients would sit in a barber chair instead of a dentist chair (yikes).  Police were seen taking boxes of hypodermic needles and Novocain out of the house of evidence.

Which case is more disturbing? My money is on this one. Patients were treated in the back of what looks like a grimy shack. At least in Oklahoma they used an actual dental office. Let us know!

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