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Dentist injects a positive note into insanity

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Had to share this..................

A 20-year-old bike delivery man was minding his own business, cycling home down (ironically) Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in Portland, OR, when he was approached by three teen-aged thugs who tossed a traffic cone at him, knocking him off his bike. The boys laughed and ran off, leaving Andy Sweeney with a bloody mouth, two broken front teeth, and a concussion.
A a local television news team covered the incident, particularly newsworthy in that it was just one of a string of similar recent attacks in this area. The TV report included a "selfie" of Sweeney smiling and showing his broken teeth.

toothless cyclist

Oregon dentist Tracy Robinson was watching the report, which also covered Sweeney's inability to afford dental care on his Jimmy John's paycheck and that a fund had been set-up online trying to raise money for him.Touched by Sweeney's upbeat attitude evident in his big smile, Robinson offered to fix Sweeney?s teeth for free--with a catch. Robinson asked that the money raised be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as his daughter suffers from the disease.
As of today, I can't find any follow-up information to see if this "deal" is actually happening. I'll keep checking and update this post. But I  just wanted to share this little story of making lemonade out of lemons.

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