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DENTSPLY Caulk SureFil SDR flow

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The premeasured Compula Tip allows you to simply dispense and cure, saving up to 40% in placement time.

?   Easy placement technique with self-leveling handling eliminates steps before curing and provides excellent cavity adaptation.
?    Chemically compatible with methacrylate based bonding agents and composites.
?    20-second cure time.
?    Radiopaque?easily distinguishable on an x-ray.

I was impressed with the radiopacity and the compule dispensing method. I found more control than with the traditional flowable composite syringe. I am still skeptical of the long-term results. The studies I was presented with were only at 2 years currently but in my opinion, this is a material to keep your eye on.

Ryan Judd, DMD, is an honors graduate from the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Dentistry and has twice been awarded the 'William Howard Award for Clinical Dentistry.?

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