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Does Your Practice Have a Manual?

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Putting together an operations manual when things are running smoothly means that, when you encounter more difficult times, you?ll have directions for dealing with those difficult issues. Additionally, as your practice expands, operations manuals can be used to hire and train new employees, increasing productivity, and decreasing margin of error.

Dental PlanningHaving an operations manual will also benefit your customers by helping your practice provide a consistent and reliable experience. Consistency creates trust, and an operations manual will help you with this. The manual doesn?t even need to be large?just however many pages it takes for you and your team to write down your operations. An article on DentistryIQ recommends the following:

"Include a business overview, office policies, emergency procedures, and contact lists for employees and vendors. Most importantly, draft a guide for each of your practice systems?marketing, case acceptance, patient management, recruitment, training, administrative, and so on. Each guide should include processes, checklists, and templates or documents necessary to complete tasks."

Get your team involved in the process and ask them to take ownership of getting the manual written, including making it fun and breaking it into easy to digest bites. Plus, having the rote processes down on paper will free up brainpower and energy for focusing on the patient experience?and everybody wins.

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