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Ebola Threat Leads to a Boon for Some U.S. Dental Manufacturers

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The American Dental Association advises dental professionals not to treat patients if they have signs and symptoms of Ebola, partially because oral health providers don?t have the appropriate equipment to safely treat a patient infected with Ebola. 

cdc maskHowever, some companies that manufacture face masks and other protective equipment for the dental industry will benefit from increased sales because of fears of an Ebola outbreak. According to an article on, Kimberly-Clark, which makes protective equipment for healthcare workers, said it has seen a 20 to 30% rise in demand compared with the same time period last year. 

Crosstex International, a division of Cantel Medical Corp., is a leading U.S. manufacturer of earloop face masks and other infection prevention products and reports an increased demand for its SECURE FIT fitted face masks. Crosstex is offering free trials of SECURE FIT masks to healthcare providers at

Because 90% of masks are currently manufactured in foreign countries, the U.S. could face a shortage of mask and respirator supplies during a global infectious disease threat. To address this concern, 3 U.S. mask manufacturers?Crosstex, Prestige Ameritech and Gerson?have joined forces to form The Secure Mask Supply Association (SMSA) to raise awareness of the potential shortage. SMSA hopes to bring more of the mask manufacturing industry back to the U.S. so America is better prepared for a potential infectious disease threat.

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