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Have you reviewed your September issue of Dental Product Shopper?  It takes me less than an hour to peruse each issue for the information I need, and I appreciate that the magazine maintains it's focus as The source for product information.  I like to sit with my team while I review it and point out the materials we should look at and learn more about for both our practice's and our patients' best interest.  You also want to be sure to respond and reserve your Buyers' Guide.  Hey, it's free, and today free and valuable information is fantastic to have.  Another valuable part of the magazine are the reviews by volunteering practicing clinicians in actual clinical use and that their evaluations are reported honestly.  You'll see the materials don't all get 4.8 or 5.0 ratings out of 5.0.  Oftentimes they are much lower as they are honest evaluations, otherwise they would have no value to you.  I especially liked the Podium articles by Drs. Parker and Ruiz giving us more information on specific products.  All together the magazine proves to be a quick and efficient read and an effective resource in my practice.


I welcome your comments on how you use your Dental Product Shopper magazine to create more success within your practice.





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