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Expensive Dental Care in Canada Drives Away Patients

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Trips to the dentist are excluded from the Canada Health Act, leaving it off Canada?s universal health care regime. A study titled ?Improving Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable People Living in Canada? was issued by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and looked into the amount of individuals without dental care reached 6 million people. 

According to a CTV News article, ?The study found ?substantial inequalities? in access to care for approximately 6 million Canadians who do not go to the dentist because of the cost. Included in that figure are some of Canada?s most vulnerable groups: the elderly, young children and adolescents, recent immigrants, First Nations, the poor and working poor, and people with disabilities.?

Other reasons found for the lack of dental trips in Canada consisted of ?a lack of transportation, patient fears, and an inability to navigate a system that includes services provided by multiple levels of government.?

?There needs to be some sort of health plan that includes oral health care, because oral health care is just as important as your heart,? Chantal Robinson said. ?With bad teeth and not being able to get them fixed, you can't eat the proper foods you need to eat, you're constantly in the hospital, constantly missing work or missing school."

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