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Give Back a Smile-An Indescribable Experience

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The best summary of the experience is described in the words of my patient:Restore a Smile

?Physical abuse changes you in a strange way. It takes your sense of power and confidence away. You lose a sort of innocence. To find out with brutal, physical in-your-face immediacy that you indeed can?t take care of yourself kills a part of  your spirit. Physical violence uber-sensitizes you to violence in everything. A normal person would never even notice. Things would upset me terribly out of the blue. The lost sense of naivet√© is what hurts the most, changes the most.?

Victims of domestic abuse may be able to escape the abuse, but they are reminded of the pain and scars when they see their teeth in the mirror. To have the opportunity to reach out and touch someone?s life and give her a fresh start, one where her smile is one of hope and new beginnings, is just indescribable. I will never forget the look on her face when she saw her new smile for the first time.

Amanda Seay, DDS
Dental Product Shopper Evaluator
Mount Pleasant, SC

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