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Giving Great Dental Care to Baby Boomers

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As many Boomers strive to maintain their youthful looks, as well as their youthful health, many dental practices face unique challenges in helping their patients with these desires. Here are two common problems practices face with boomers, and how to deal with them.

Marijuana use

Surprisingly enough, the over-50 cohort is one of the heaviest users of cannabis?though not everyone over 50 smokes. Cannabis has a number of intramural effects, such as the appearance of a subtle, slightly green ridge just at the gingival line, and also the development of xerostomia in the oral cavity and throat. The xerostomia can enhance the environment for caries development; meanwhile, periodontal disease, candida, and leukoplakia/erythroplakia and leukoderma have been observed and reported in some cannabis users.


Loneliness, anxiety, and stress are all found in Boomers, and can manifest as increased peril or bruxism. Most individuals don?t realize that stress can affect their oral health?but dentists and hygienists are in a great place to help. Opening a discussion with patients about making their environment less stressful might sound like feel-good mumbo jumbo, but alerting patients that stress is impacting their health may inspire them to make changes they wouldn?t have had the courage or motivation to implement before.

While boomers present a number of other dental issues, clear signs of marijuana use and stress are both popping up in more and more individuals? mouths. Also, make sure you?ve got the best dental whitening products on hand to help your Boomer patients move from oral health to oral beauty.

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