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Global Dental Equipment Market to Continue Expanding

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 Experts believe this growth can be primarily attributed to advances in diagnostic and treatment technologies that help with faster healing, reducing pain and chair time, and more accurate diagnosis. Dental health has always had the highest priority in North America and Western Europe. But as other countries become more aware of dental health and esthetics, the idea will spread.

Rising Markets


The study shows that the US is expected to continue as the leaders in dental technology use. This is a result of mainly to more rapid adoption of new technologies and an aging population wanting to keep their natural teeth.


However, Asian countries are also seeing a rise in disposable income along with dental care awareness. This has resulted in a higher demand for dental care equipment. Yet the largest percentage growth in equipment is expected in Europe. The reason for this is also because of an aging population along with migrating patients from Western to Eastern Europe taking advantage of less expensive dental treatments.


One of the fastest growing dental equipment market segments is the dental laser market. It is capable of making procedures nearly painless, resulting in higher patient compliance. The complete report is available for download at the Transparency Market Research site.

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