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Happy 30th, Digital Radiography

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The first commercial system was launched to the dental market by Trophie Radiologie in 1987.young mouyen

We have come a long way, baby. Figures vary, but somewhere between a quarter to two-thirds of North American dentists may be using digital sensors in their practices. Interstingly, the highest usage rates in the world are in the sensor's birthplace, France, but that has more to do with the country's health-care reimbursement policy.

In any case, conventional wisdom is that adoption of digital radiography will continue to increase exponentially and eventually completely replace film.

I am not a dentist or market researcher, but I am a dental patient and not only do I appreciate the lower radiation exposure, I can't say I miss the gagging or those sharp film edges digging into my cheeks. From personal experience, I find the sensor a lot more pleasant than film.
So thanks, Dr. Mouyen, and happy birthday to you, digital radiography. All grown up, just like my son, but still evolving and improving. 

Image courtesy of Carestream Dental.

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