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Haunted Dental Practice in the Spotlight

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Dr. William Grimes, a Huntington, W. Va., dentist, is somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown because it is common knowledge that the turn-of-the-century duplex that houses his dental practice is indeed haunted and the site of many strange and inexplicable paranormal occurences. And Dr. Grimes' practice is the subject of this Friday's episode of the wildly popular series The Dead Files--in fact, the most watched show on the Travel Channel. Each week a different haunted site is investigated by not only a psychic but a rough-and-tumble ex-Brooklyn police detective. Tonight, you'll tour Dr. Grimes' practice as he explains all the eerie goings-on that have been taking place since he purchased the building nearly 40 years ago. Check out this little preview.

And by way of full disclosure, I am mentioning this not only because it's another zany story involving a dentist. My son is on the crew that films and produces the program, and the better the ratings, the longer he gets to keep this gig.

So you'll just have to tune in to the Travel Channel tonight, August 10th, at 10 Eastern, 9 Central (but to be sure, check your local listings!) to see if the mischevious little spirit rearranged all the endo files or stole the appointment book (it's paper, I'm sure).

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