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Have bad breath? There IS an app for that

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The first wireless oral health pocket-sized smartphone device that measures your breath quality is a reality.

The business media outlets are abuzz  on this first Monday of 2015. And for good reason…..the launch of the first wireless oral health pocket-sized smartphone device that measures your breath quality. And can I offer an initial review….it is really cute!

breathometer mint in use

Here’s an excerpt from the press release issued by the manufacturer—Breathometer--of the device, which is called Mint.

Mint communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth LED to the free Breathometer smartphone app, offering users actionable results and feedback on breath quality and hydration. Users simply hold the Mint mouthpiece to their lips while the device draws out an air sample for analysis.

Imagine…your patient might have a big job interview. Just before meeting the potential new boss, she can pull Mint out of her purse, then quicky and easily make certain she won’t be offending. And if there’s a problem, she can simply pop a couple of prophylactic Altoids and ensure a great first impression.

Seriously, Mint purports to allow users to gain insights to see if daily habits are impacting breath quality AND to track results to identify trends or preventive steps. And it does offer quantitative measurements of known contributors to halitosis: volatile sulfur compounds such as Hydrogen Sulfide and Methyl Mercapthan. It also measures hydration levels so you know if you should be drinking more water.

So learn more and see if you want to start recommending Mint to your patients. As if they’re not spending enough time with their smartphones………….

And incidentally, another sign of the times….you can be an investor and/or beta tester, too.

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