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Have Extra Halloween Candy? Give to the Halloween Candy Buy Back!

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Halloween Candy Buy BackI remember my dad walking the neighborhoods with a group of us and having him bring extra candy holding items that ranged from pillowcases to tall kitchen trash bags! As an only child, what in the world was I going to do with ALL that candy? I'm certain that even the thought of me being amped up on sugar for hours, let alone days, frightened my parents, teachers, and friends!

Today, it's not so much about the energy, considering the health epidemics of rampant dental caries and obesity.

We know candy is a source that strep mutans needs to destroy sound tooth structure. The challenge rests on those who are either moderate- or high-risk caries. Frequency of intake and type of candy will determine the time salivary pH is lowered in our mouth, exposing weakened enamel.

Extra treats can last in a household for weeks! What are parents to do with the additional sweets? You can guide them to a Halloween Candy Buy Back event for Operation Gratitude, which begins within your dental practice!

Dr. Chris Krammer is the founder of this successful program. Halloween Candy Buy Back is a program where dentists literally buy Halloween candy for $1 per pound. They then send it to our troops over seas who are in harms way. Our troops either eat some or give some to the locals where they are stationed in effort to build relationships. Last year, about 127k pounds were bought back from 2000 participating dentists across the US!

Visit the website where there is information to get your practice involved; the website has everything from press releases to what to have prepared for your onsite event!

Yes, there is always the sugar-free candy option, however, I?d place my bet that many households make their purchases based on selection and price. Either way, candy is candy and sends overseas just the same! Why not contribute to our troops with something from home? With 41 million kids trick or treating this year, wouldn?t it be great to include those who help keep our freedom to do so?

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