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Have some Input on a New Product from SurgiTel

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SurgiTel introduced three new products this year: the Odyssey Wireless LED, the loupe-mounted SurgiCam HD digital video camera, and a test model of the 3D Digital Video Head-Up Display (HUD) System that is still under development.

It took a few years and dozens of prototypes to develop the Odyssey Wireless LED Headlight because SurgiTel wanted to provide certain features and options. Their requirements included having the choice between through-the-lens and front-lens-mounted loupes; superior visual quality enabled by an achromatic beam, which produces a clear and even stream of light; and a neutral color option to optimize—and not interfere with—cosmetic work. Other features are reduced blue light (which is safer for users), micro and macro optics, touch-control functions with various brightness levels, and a battery life of 10 hours.

The SurgiCam HD loupe-mounted video camera, which SurgiTel introduced in 2006 (and was the first in the dental industry), now is available in a High-Definition model that allows clinicians to record even sharper images than ever.

Intriguingly, the 3D Digital Video HUD Microscope is still a work in progress, and clinicians are welcome to make suggestions to improve the product at this stage. This technology is being called a “head-up display” (HUD) magnification system. The goal is to offer a digital magnification system that provides 3D digital images in real time. The benefits of 3D digital video are said to be:

• Easier to align the microscope to the operating site.

• No need to fix your eyes to the microscope (so you are free to move about)

• Better ergonomics (you don’t have to stay in one position throughout treatment)

• The ability to use loupes and headlights simultaneously, with one magnification through the loupes and another through the HUD microscope, hands-free.

If you would like to have input in the development process, contact Dr. Jin Chang at If your suggestions are applied to the final product, you are eligible for a special discount when the new system is released. How cool is that?! If only it was my area of expertise…!

To read all about it in The ErgoPractice News, click here to view SurgiTel's newsletters.

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