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How DentiMax Digital Sensors Silenced the Skeptics

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As a new digital dentist, I am continually amazed at the freedom that comes from having an x-ray or intraoral image that I can blow-up in size, on a huge screen, right in front of my patient, and then use it to educate them about their dental needs. I?ve found that I no longer have to ?sell? dentistry as I once had. All I have to do now is point out on a large computer monitor the areas where treatment is needed and all of my patients?even the skeptics?not only accept the treatment I have recommended, but they also can?t get it done fast enough!

DentiMax SensorsWhy didn?t I start using this technology sooner? I?ve asked myself this question many times since purchasing my DentiMax digital sensors and software, and what it really boils down to for me is that I was just simply waiting for image quality to increase and prices to decrease. I had looked at several digital x-ray systems over the years and just wasn?t satisfied with the image quality over what I was getting with my film, and the prices were staggering. The DentiMax sensors I finally chose for my practice gave me exactly what I was looking for?superior image quality at an extremely pleasing price.

If you?ve been a skeptic of digital dentistry, dive in! The water is fine, and you?ll be doing yourself, and your practice, a well-deserved favor.

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