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How Parents Can Save Their Kids' Injured Teeth

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Concerned parents occasionally approach dentists about what to do when they need to act quickly to save their child?s teeth. Falls, sports, rough play, and even car accidents are frequent causes of childhood dental trauma, especially when that trauma occurs to adult teeth.

While parents may not be able to tell the difference between a crown fracture versus an injury that damages a tooth?s root, quick-thinking parents can do a lot to save their kids? teeth. Dentists may want to tell parents of children that chipped teeth can be repaired if the parents save the chunk of tooth that was chipped off and get their child to a dentist immediately; likewise, displaced teeth and even test that are knocked out entirely can be repaired if the child gets to the dentist straightaway.

Giving parents some coaching when it comes to their kid?s broken teeth may do much to set them at ease. Advise them to save any teeth that fall out and transport them to the dentist in a small container of cold milk or saline solution, and to gently push teeth that are knocked partially loose back into place. Kids can bite down on cloth or gauze to hold loose teeth in place, and should be taken to a dentist immediately. While none of these steps are big or difficult, training parents on what to do in case of emergency will result in happier parents and healthier kids.

Consider recommending that parents of child patients keep the website bookmarked as a reference. It?s a great resource with evidence-based advice on what to do for different types of injuries. Meanwhile, make sure you?ve got the best dental equipment in your practice so that you can repair trauma easily and quickly.

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