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Hygienist Linda Perhacs Becomes "A Most Unlikely Rock Star"

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Perhacs released her first album, Parallelograms, in 1970 after one of her Beverly Hills patients discovered her during a routine dental cleaning. Her patient was Oscar-winning film composer Leonard Rosenman, who insisted on bringing her into the studio to record an album.

Linda PerhacsHer debut album did not meet instant success, so Perhacs continued her career as a dental hygienist for the next 4 decades. Out of the blue, Perhacs received a letter from the New York indie label Wild Places stating that they reissued her record and that she had a large fan following.

On hearing the news, Perhacs returned to making music, and recently released her second album titled, The Soul of All Natural Things. Now 70, Perhacs is touring and singing once again. Electronic duo Daft Punk even picked up her song titled, "If You Were My Man".

When asked what her daily routine is like now, Perhacs responded, "I work 5, 6 days a week as a dental hygienist. Every spare moment I have, I run to do the music. All the recordings for the new album were made on a Sunday morning, about 8 or 9 o'clock. I'm in love with it. I mean, I love being with these young artists; they are so wonderful. I'm just in love with the whole thing. And you know, I think I'm healing people more now with my music than with my dentistry."

To read the full story on NPR, click here.

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