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Inventiveness Is In All of Us

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A recent one came from Kiwi dentist Graeme Milicich when he tried our new Griptab indirect restoration placement aid. Graeme loved the Griptab for the way they made handling restorations easier and safer, but it was his use of Wave-Wedges in the procedure that really caught my attention. These wedges are a key component of the V3 Sectional Matrix System, and among their features is their flexibility and adaptability to the teeth. Graeme is a big fan of the Wave-Wedges, especially in the way they cause less trauma to the papillae and in fact can protect the papillae if placed before cavity preparation?a quality that will be somewhat superseded by the new WedgeGuard.

Graeme decided this same protective benefit should make Wave-Wedges useful when preparing and cementing restorations. Sure enough, the Wave-Wedges minimized gingival bleeding during cementation?just make sure the wedge does not obstruct the seating of the restoration?but it also acted as a barrier for excess cement, which made a big difference when it came to clean-up and finishing.

This same technique was uncovered independently by Munich dentist Jan Hajto, who now routinely uses Wave-Wedges when placing restorations. Where before he would have quite a lot of cement that needed removing from the interproximal space, clean-up is now minimal.



Simon McDonald, BDS, is the founder and CEO of Triodent in New Zealand. To find out more about Griptab, go to or call 800.811.3949.

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