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Livionex?s Dental Gel Attacks Plaque Like Never Before

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The product is FDA approved for plaque control and is working on its certification for controlling gingivitis. 

?Plaque control is a FDA cosmetic claim and Livionex meets the FDA Cosmetic Act guidelines,? according to Melanie Frenkel, Co-Founder of Signature Green PR. ?So it's approved for plaque, but they're currently working to get it FDA approved for gingivitis.?

According to the press release, ?Livionex, Inc., a Silicon Valley life science company focused on biofilms and inflammation, today released the results of a double blind clinical trial study on reduction of plaque, gingivitis and gum bleeding. The study was conducted at the Beckman Laser Institute of UC Irvine and compared Livionex Dental Gel to Colgate Total, the leading ADA and FDA approved anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis toothpaste. The results showed an unprecedented 260% reduction in plaque index, 229% reduction in gingivitis index and a 232% reduction in gum bleeding index as compared to Colgate Total. This level of efficacy has never been achieved for an oral hygiene product. The results have been published in the journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine."

Livionex?s Dental Gel is made from Edathamil, a substance that can break the molecular bond that causes plaque on teeth. The gel can also prevent it from reaching areas such as the gums and in between teeth, ultimately leading to a reduction in gingivitis and periodontitis.

Three studies have already been conducted using Livionex, measuring plaque, gingivitis, gum bleeding, and remineralization. According to Frenkel, more trials and testing are being scheduled for the future. 

For more information, visit Livionex?s Dental Gel website.

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