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Medspa Combines Cosmetic Dentistry with Plastic Surgery

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Dental SpaThe cosmetic dentists at Aesthetic Smiles of New Jersey recently announced that they are opening an additional Medspa that will provide facial enhancement procedures, cosmetic dentistry procedures, and full skin spa treatments. These dentists focus on cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, and dental implants.

With the addition of a plastic surgeon, this Medspa addresses several patient concerns all under one roof. Since there are many correlations between oral structure and the appearance of the face, these dentists believe their practice will grow with the addition of a new plastic surgeon.

It seems like more and more out-of-the-box dental practices are popping up around the country. Are these Medspas and nontraditional dental facilities becoming the new norm? Would you ever visit one yourself? Share your thoughts with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Monica Barudin is an Assistant Editor for Dental Product Shopper and Hygiene Product Shopper.

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