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Meet the Evaluator: Ambur Alfaro, RDH

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The field of dentistry is such an amazing career.  It is a community filled with great professionals who are passionate about their profession and helping others.  I love how dentistry continues to expand and evolve and how opportunities within the profession continue to grow.  

Dental hygiene is a wonderful career that allows the ability to build lasting relationships with patients as well as colleagues.  Helping to improve others? lives and health is my biggest reward.

I stay actively involved in volunteer activities related to dentistry across my state and enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling with my husband, golf and working out.

Name: Ambur Alfaro, RDH

Dental Hygiene School: Wichita State University

Years in Practice: 14

Practice Location: Bel Aire, KS

Favorite Product: GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners

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