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Meet the Evaluator: Joshua D. Howard, D.M.D.

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By being a Dental Product Shopper evaluator, I have an incredible opportunity to help the next generation of these materials and technologies get into the hands of clinicians. By utilizing the best products that dentistry has to offer, we improve quality of care while reducing our own stress and increasing our enjoyment. It is my mission to help better the practice lifestyle of each and every dentist, and, as a DPS evaluator, I can achieve this goal.

I love being a dentist and chose this profession because I can be a physician of the mouth and have control over the procedures I provide. Easing pain, improving quality of life and boosting the self confidence of my patients makes for a very rewarding career. I especially enjoy watching my patients grow. It?s a wonderful experience to learn about their lives, loves and careers, see them get married and have children and watch the cycle repeat. 

When not practicing clinical dentistry, I am usually training other doctors in the use of CEREC CAD/CAM. I am also a lecturer and beta tester for Sirona and Patterson Dental and participate in the Cerec Doctors Mentor Program.

Name: Joshua D. Howard, D.M.D.
Dental School: University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
Years in Practice: 11
Specialty:  General dentistry
Practice Location: Dover, New Hampshire

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