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Michael Douglas as Oral Cancer Screening Advocate

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After battling stage IV squamous cell carcinoma oral cancer, Douglas is now cancer-free. Here, he partners with the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) to raise awareness about this deadly disease.

In his PSA, Douglas explains, "Like many, I thought this was a cancer that impacted much older people who had used tobacco most of their lives. While that?s still a problem, the fastest growing segment of the people developing oral cancers are young non-smokers." Adding to that statement, OCF?s website states, "While historically the majority of people are over the age of 40 at the time of discovery, it is now occurring more frequently in those under this age."

Raising awareness about oral cancer is definitely a step in the right direction. Knowledge is power; the more the public is aware of oral cancer, the more likely they are to ask their dentists or hygienists to perform frequent screenings. There are several oral cancer screening products that can be used to detect oral cancer in its early stages. Using these products, patients and clinicians can detect, and hopefully prevent, this disease from progressing any further.

Ending the PSA, Douglas says, "Thankfully, in a fast, inexpensive, and painless visual and tactile screening, a medical or dental professional can often identify early stage disease. So please, next time you visit your dentist or medical doctor, ask for this simple screening."

Monica Barudin is an Assistant Editor for Dental Product Shopper and Hygiene Product Shopper.

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