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Mobile Dentistry Begins to Take Off

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Mobile dental van

There has been a rise in the number of dentists who bring the cleaning services to you, not the other way around. The days of traveling to the dentist?s office and sitting in the waiting room might be over.


Cascade Hygiene is the pioneer of the mobile dentistry movement, started by Erin Poculis, who ?offers the latest technology in a portable dental unit that has air, water, suction, ultrasonic scaling and a polishing unit.?


The increase in the number of dentists is making some states take notice. On April 10, 2014 Michigan signed a law that increases the standards of care for mobile units, requiring the inclusion of more special equipment use and input from the Department of Community Health. Pennsylvania also has a stake in the mobile dentistry profession, as the traveling physicians have gone to schools to talk to students and provided classroom education and other dental initiatives to raise awareness of mobile services.


Dental practitioners can provide services such as oral examinations to detect mouth cancers and gingivitis, as well as provide fluoride gel, sealants, radiographs, fillings and simple extractions. The dentists can also provide fluoride gel, sealants, radiographs, fillings (in select areas) and simple extractions (in select areas). In the past few years, some states have allowed dental hygienists to apply topical numbing agents like anesthesia when needed.

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