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More Evidence for Prophy Antibiotics Before Dentistry

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Simply, this further supports previous studies affirming the concepts of antibiotic premedication and perio health maintenance for those with artificial joints prior to dental procedures.

prosthetic hip

Like many other protocol involving the use of antibiotics and concern about their overuse, dental-procedure premedication is controversial in some circles, citing legitimate studies that refute the practice.

As a layperson, I have to rely on the advice of professionals I trust. Just coincidentally, both my orthopedic surgeon and my dentist are generally very conservative and both endorse the premedication protocol. So an hour or so before my first post-surgical prophy, I dutifully popped four 500mg amoxicillin caps. And I?ll continue to do this before every dental visit for the rest of my life until someone convinces me otherwise. Incidentally, I have always been an obsessive brusher and flosser and plan on continuing that, too.


Gail Weisman is Senior Editor at Dental Product Shopper.

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