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Narrowing the Oral-Systemic Gap

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"Learn how you can keep the ?water in your fish tank? crystal clear, and with the help of your hygienist, optimally reduce your risk of these potentially devastating diseases." 

oral systemic linkThis call to action appears on the web site for Revolutionary Health Services, Dr. Charles Whitney's innovative "concierge" medical practice in Washington Crossing, PA. The Learn link takes you here, where the importance of good oral hygiene is explained (via Chris Kammer's fish tank analogy) and a simple regimen is outlined (including product recommendations?no brand loyalty here!).

Anyway, poking around the web site for this envelope-pushing medical practice, I was intrigued by Dr. Whitney's unconventional style of patient care and diagnostics. I am absolutely not at all qualified to comment on, for instance, his Third Era Direct philosophy and Projection Diagnostics protocol or the oxidation/rusting concept. However, his emphasis on the oral-systemic link as well as on proper professional and home care is definitely spot-on.

To cement his commitment, Dr. Whitney recently named Lisa Wadsworth, RDH, BS, as Director of Operations for Revolutionary Health Services. He was quoted in a press release announcing the hire, "I believe Lisa will prove herself to be invaluable...Her clinical experience on the front lines of fighting periodontal disease will help me bridge the gap between oral and systemic health. Lisa will be instrumental in helping educate patients about the dangers of untreated periodontal disease?particularly those who I am currently treating for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other serious conditions."

Anyway, check it out. What else can we say, but keep spreading the word.

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