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Nearly 2,000 Patients Receive Care At Missions of Mercy Event

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According to the American Dental Association, ?The Missions of Mercy concept started in Virginia and has spread throughout the United States. Since 2000, Missions of Mercy have served more than 143,000 people in 28 states across the country, providing about $90 million in free services.?

More than 850 volunteers, including 140 dentists, cleaned teeth, performed extractions and provided fillings to patients in need of a proper oral hygiene procedure according to Drew Ramey, assistant executive director of the state dental association.  

?Our dentists recognized that there?s a great need,? Ramey said. ?Regardless of what led patients to our doors, they deserve to be out of pain. We focus on making those people healthier, happier and more productive.?

The event is in its eighth year throughout the state of Arkansas. Ramsey projected that over $1 million worth of dental care was administered to those who truly needed it. 

?Due to the size, scope and unique experience of participating in the Arkansas Mission of Mercy event, what a dentist learns during those two days is beneficial to the public, to the profession, and ultimately to the dentist?s ability,? Ramey said.

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