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New Patent For Dental Bonding Material

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Jeffrey Thompson

The new bonding material will better secure to the surface, promoting chemical bonding between high-performance ceramic materials tooth structures and synthetic materials.

?Zirconia is like Teflon, so getting it to bond with anything is a challenge,? said Thompson. ?Chlorosilane is one very promising solution to the problem of adhesive bonding of zirconia products in the adhesive dental field. It also could have implications in other medical and non-medical fields.?

Thompson?s patent comes after dentists have began to move away from traditional metal-to-ceramic materials such as zirconia because it doesn?t bond as well to synthetic or national substances, leaving patients without the long-term treatment they hope for. 

Thompson?s research was funded by a National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research grant.

?Nova Southeastern University is committed to research with practical applications, and we are proud to partner with leading research organizations like RTI to develop solutions for the field of dentistry, that could also have implications in other medical and non-medical arenas,? said Gary S. Margules, ScD, NSU vice president for research and technology transfer.

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