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New Recommendations on Oral Cancer Screening

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All recommendations from the USPSTF take into consideration the evidence of both the benefits and the harms of the service, and an assessment of the balance. And, after carefully reviewing current practices, the USPSTF released a recommendation in November:

"The American Academy of Family Physicians concluded that the current evidence is insufficient to assess the balance of benefits and harms of screening for oral cancer in asymptomatic adults. The American Cancer Society recommends that adults aged 20 years or older who have periodic health examinations should have the oral cavity examined as part of a cancer-related checkup. The American Dental Association recommends that providers remain alert for signs of potentially malignant lesions or early-stage cancer in patients during routine oral examinations, particularly for patients who use tobacco or have heavy alcohol consumption."

As always, make sure you have the best dental equipment possible when you're screening potentially cancerous patients. For more great tips on running your practice, check out our blog

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