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Patient Loyalty Program Introduces Automatic Rewarding, No Work Required

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LPI integrated with Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, PracticeWorks, and 8 other practice management products. This enables them to offer dental practices an automated rewards system, eliminating any effort by team members to reward patients, and provides economies which will enable LPI to offer much lower pricing.

LPI now connects directly into the patient and team databases of each of its clients, uploading their files and receiving fresh data on every office every night. They have (HIPAA-secure) access to each practice's appointment schedule, financial ledger, treatment plans, and other essential information which will enable dental practices to leverage the rewards to drive patient and team behavior. What does this mean in plain English?

1.    They know when every patient is scheduled, and generate e-mail communications incenting them with rewards to keep their scheduled appointment.
2.    They know when patients have confirmed their appointments, enabling LPI to provide practices a daily report focusing employees on confirming only those patients who have not yet responded.
3.    They know when patients arrive as scheduled, and their system automatically deposits rewards into those patients? accounts.
4.    They know if patients haven't been in for treatment for a year or more, and they can e-mail them (from the practice) using rewards as an incentive to encourage them to return for care (reactivation).
5.    On the patient's birthday, they can send them an e-mail from their dentist gifting them with $100 in additional rewards to celebrate the special occasion.
6.    On Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day, and Christmas/New Year's, they can email patients (from their dentist) and deliver additional awards for savings on holiday shopping.
7.    Six times a year, LPI sends patients encouragements to recommend their friends to the practice, track their activity, and automatically reward them (where consistent with law and regulation) when they recommend a friend.  They can also track how much revenue these recommendations generate for the practice.
8.    Their enhanced software now generates reports demonstrating precisely how their rewards monetize for the practice, tracking and reporting on patient behaviors and the dollars generated by those behaviors - they show each client their ROI by reporting revenue generation as rewards drive profits, comparing that revenue to their monthly rewards program subscription fee.
9.    They have now eliminated the task of manually rewarding each patient - now their rewards system is "set and forget," no work required.

Patient and team loyalty can be the key to a practice's success. This is one of the new tools many of us will be considering to convert our satisfied patients into truly loyal patients.


Ryan Schwendiman DDS, MBA, is a practicing dentist in Georgia and an advisor to Loyal Patients, Inc, a company specializing in dental practice loyalty marketing solutions. He is also a Product Evaluator for Dental Product Shopper.

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