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Philips CARE Tool Helps Clinicians Assess Patient Risk

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Available directly on the Philips website, the CARE tool helps clinicians provide better oral health care for their patients. Once the clinician enters the patient's dental and oral health information, the CARE tool generates an assessment and provides recommendations for oral health care options. The CARE tool also provides the patient?s risk level: low, moderate, high, or extreme, as well as instructions to manage the patient?s oral health.

Philips CARE

Created by industry experts who use evidence-based best practices, the CARE tool offers 3 distinct risk assessment tools: dental caries, periodontal disease, and oral pathology. Each tool allows the clinician to enter patient information, learn about the patient's risk factors, and provide recommendations to the patient based on risk factors. The clinician can add notes and individual feedback in addition to the CARE tool's recommendations. At the end of the risk assessment, the clinician can view a clinical guideline page and print a recommendation sheet for the patient. The CARE tool also shows individual billing codes as part of the program.

The CARE website also provides a short demonstration video and a webinar for additional learning materials.

Michelle Hurlbutt, RDH, MSDH, an industry expert and influential creator of the CARE platform, said, "The CARE tool also provides better RDH to dentist communication. I still learn from it every day, and it has taught me to be a better clinician." She  noted that the CARE tool is not limited to just dentists and hygienists; dental assistants and other office staff members can use the tool as well.

With Philips CARE tool, clinicians can complete a comprehensive evaluation of each patient's oral health.

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