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Planmeca Compact iTouch: First Class Seating for Your Practice and Patients

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It’s not often that I get to sit in first class when I’m flying around the country to attend dental meetings and conventions. Who am I kidding…I’ve only flown first class twice. Once because a friend who had points was able to upgrade us to first class and once when I was pulled out of line as I was boarding because they needed more people up front to balance out the plane.

Sitting in the Planmeca Compact iTouch dental unit chair is like first class for dental appointments. Way more comfortable for patients than any other dental chairs I’ve had the pleasure to sit in. And apparently it’s a little like first class for dentists, too. It’s compact (hence the name) but jam-packed with features that can be personalized to individual practice needs. The chair can be lower or raised so the clinician can stand or sit during treatment. And tools can be configured to either hang above the patient for passing back and forth overhead or attach to a separate cart that moves easily around the operatory.

The Planmeca Compact iTouch dental units—and other Planmeca units—can also be used to help manage your practice by linking with Romexis Clinic Management software. For example, individual user settings can be programmed, maintenance can be tracked, and chair availability can be managed.

Watch a video showing the the Planmeca Compact iTouch in action here.

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