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Plastic Product Found in Popular Toothpaste Brand

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toothpaste flakes

The verdict?polyethylene?is a plastic product that is used in garbage containers, grocery bags, bullet proof vests, and knee replacements among other things. The kicker is that the product doesn?t dissolve, which could lead to damage to the gum line, causing gingivitis and other oral issues.

The blue flakes were found primarily in Crest toothpaste, though other popular brands have been known to use the item. Walraven originally wrote a blog on the issue back in March, and her post has gotten the attention of Proctor & Gamble.

?While the ingredient in question is completely safe, approved for use in foods by the FDA, and part of an enjoyable brushing experience for millions of consumers with no issues, we understand there is a growing preference for us to remove this ingredient. So we will,? Proctor and Gamble said. ?We currently have products without microbeads for those who would prefer them. We have begun removing microbeads from the rest of our toothpastes, and the majority of our product volume will be microbead-free within six months. We will complete our removal process by March of 2016.?  

Polyethylene can cause a problem in a person?s mouth because the product doesn?t dissolve, leaving it to become trapped under the gums.

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