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Post-Ortho Choices: Black-Eyed Peas or Adele?

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Now you can put your music where your mouth is. A combination intraoral appliance/MP3 player--dubbed the Play-A-Grill--uses bone conduction to play sounds with vibrations against the teeth. The vibrations are passed through the skull to the eardrum. The inventor, artist Aisen Chacin at Parsons The New School for Design in New York, implanted a vibrating motor into a custom-molded retainer-like piece of intraoral jewelry. The motor's connected to the headphone jack of an MP3 player incorporated into the upper-palate retainer. The player's controls face downward so they can be manipulated with the tongue (UCCCHH).

Here's a minor glitch....The palate of the wearer acts as a resonator, which allows everyone around the wearer to hear the very same sounds coming from their mouth. Like loud cell-phone talkers weren't bad enough. 

The artist/inventor presented Play-A-Grill at the last month at the 12th International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME). I am sure that the conference participants who attended workshops such as Temporal Control In the EyeHarp Gaze-Controlled Musical Interface or Collaborative Composition and Socially Constructed Instruments: Ensemble Laptop Performance Through the Lens of Ethnography wouldn't think twice about wearing the Play-A-Grill.

Could be a great practice builder and a potential new source of revenue....depending on where your practice is located.

Check out details and a short video.

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