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Promote Your Own Dental Practice

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These help you figure out specific ?call-to-action? items that promote your practice, bring in traffic, and generate repeat business.

Define your Goals

If you want a short term capital gain, think about promoting a higher dollar item with a discount to help get a few specialized customers who need that type of service. However, if you are looking to expand your practice, offering your most popular service at a discount will bring in considerably more traffic. If these customers like your services, they are much more likely to return for additional treatment.

MarketingDefine your Target Market

Is your target essentially anyone with teeth? Or do you want to get specialized traffic? You might consider talking to current patients to see why they continue to stay with your practice rather than go elsewhere. Contact former customers to see why they left. Was because of price, customer service, location, lack of a particular dental product, or something else? When you gain this information, you?ll have a better idea of those types of people you would like to target. This also helps you craft a better message for marketing your practice.

Get Social

Don?t forget to sign up for the standard social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all excellent ways to promote your practice. Posting specials and promotions only on these mediums, then making sure to incentive these by telling people they are only available on these media will get followers and help your own customers promote your services. The secret to social media is to make regular updates to these social pages and don?t be afraid to get creative.


When you come into contact with a current or potential patient, make sure to get enough information so you can follow up with them later. A phone number or email address is the ideal way to follow-up at a later time to ensure you stay fresh in their minds through newsletters and emails, as well as to provide reminders for return visits.

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