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Q&A: Becoming A Published Dentist Brings Exciting Opportunities

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A: The case study article I did with Dental Product Shopper was my second article printed in a publication. The first article I did was about a month ago, so I?m very new to this part of dentistry.

With these articles, it's more than just sitting down and writing about a dental topic. The cases that I'm writing about are ones that I have experienced. Knowing the patient's side of the case, taking photos, planning and doing the dentistry, and getting an outcome that meets the patient's and my expectations are the aspects that I enjoy and have been doing for years.

I'm not excited about being in print. By the time we select the topic, the procedure, the patient, do the dentistry, take photos, write the article, see the drafts and the layout, I pretty much have seen what the printed article will look like.

I get excited when the call or e-mail comes that says, "Hey, Richard, would you like to write an article on...or do a webinar on...or write a blog on..." It's the opportunities that drive me to create articles or presentations. This is no different from helping my patients through their dental troubles. Getting the opportunity to treat patients in a manner that helps them is what we do as dentists.

Working with well established companies such as Dental Product Shopper, Premier, and 3M ESPE makes my job easier because of the work of their support staff and their ability to connect with all players in the dental field (lab technicians, dental hygienists, dental assistants, administrative staff), and not just dentists. This allows my company?backed, good, honest work to touch lots of people.

Richard Lipscomb Jr., DDS, has been in practice for 15 years. He is the owner of Woodmore Dental Center in Mitchellville, MD, a private dental practice established in 2001. This modern office offers Invisalign, sleep appliances, and implants as its specialty services, along with routine dental services. Dr. Lipscomb is a graduate of Mercyhurst College and Howard University College of Dentistry. He also completed a 2-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Lipscomb gives presentations on mini dental implants (both basic and advanced) in cities throughout the country. He also presents mini dental implant and case presentation lectures to faculty and students at Howard University College of Dentistry.

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