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Q&A: Do you make infection control a priority in your dental office?

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Q: Do you make infection control a priority in your office?

A: Yes, I make infection control a priority. From pens to lead aprons, we wipe down surfaces that may not have plastic barriers, cover those surfaces with plastic barriers, and change them with each patient. It's a mindfulness of preparation for each setup and tear down in effort to protect patient and professional in the name of safety and health! I've become a semi-germ-a-phobe from it. The more you know...the more you can disinfect to protect!

Q: What are your favorite infection control products you use in-office?

A: Caviwipes, SureCheck Sterilization bags, and DUX Bib-Eze.

CaviWipes SureCheck Bib-Eze

Q: Do you have a go-to infection control product you use everyday? Could you live without it?

A: It's automatic and varies from office to office as a temp, and each practice has its own infection protocol! For example, some practices use instrument cassettes while others use sterilization bags. I get the best of both worlds using a variety of infection control products!

Q: How do you show your patients that you are constantly thinking about infection control?

A: It's about engaging them and sharing a quick fact on our switch from chain bibs to DUX Bib-Eze, for example. Sharing information reinforces our commitment to their health!

Anastasia challenges dental professionals to continually raise the standard of patient care. She is an author in several dental industry publications and is published as an oral health source for numerous online consumer-based sites. Her weekly video blog on YouTube; Anastasia's Hump Day Happenings answers questions from the general public on oral health topics. Anastasia is a spokesperson, independent consultant, working with several companies to develop website content, social media presence, continuing education programs and in-office training for dental hygiene departments on product integration with team communication.

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