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Q&A with GoodMouth Founder and CEO Craig Lifschutz

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How did you get started with this idea? Where did the idea come from?

I came up with the idea behind GoodMouth more than 20 years ago. One of my parents' best friends is a dentist and I learned that people don't change their toothbrushes as often as they should. I thought home delivery would be the perfect way to make sure it happened on a regular basis. My Co-Founder, Dr. Seth Keiles, helped me refine the idea for GoodMouth as it exists today, a service that benefits the patient, the practice and the community.

How has it been received?

Dental practices are rapidly seeing the value GoodMouth offers with enhanced recall, improved retention and increased referrals. Patients are subscribing because of the quality of the brushes, the convenience of the service and the charitable component. Consumers and the mainstream press have been very supportive and we are very appreciative of the welcome reception the market has offered.

Charity wise, where do the brushes go?

We work with a number of different charities across the country as part of our Giving Goodness program, through which we donate 2 brushes, or the equivalent in care, for every subscription sold. Recently, we have made grants to Remote Area Medical, who operates in impoverished towns across America, and to Project Renewal, who operates clinics in New York. We have also given to a number of local charities chosen by the practices working with GoodMouth. You can find featured charities on our site and we always encourage practices and organizations that are interested in our giving program to email us.

What's your favorite story that has resulted from your service/idea?

At the ADA show in New Orleans last year (our first dental show), an industry participant stopped into our booth to learn more about what we were doing. She listened for 30 seconds and told us to stop talking. Not necessarily a great sign. Then she said, 'You guys are Dollar Shave Club meets Tom's Shoes for toothbrushes and you help dental practices grow. You're awesome, I love it.' It was a great experience for our first show and really smoothed our introduction to dentistry.

How have dentists and those in the dental community received the idea?

We?re happy to say we have been given a very warm reception. Dentists and hygienists understand the importance of changing toothbrushes regularly and getting each patient to use the right brush. Dozens of hygienists have told us stories of stopping in a drugstore to help a shopper pick the right brush. GoodMouth addresses this challenge by allowing the dentist or hygienist to assist patients with that choice in the office and assures they will replace that brush at home on a regular schedule.

Is this something dental offices can adopt in their offices (or offer)?

Absolutely! Dental practices can implement GoodMouth easily and in a way that best fits their practice. GoodMouth can bill patients directly or allow the practice to pay for some or all of its patients. Both solutions offer significant benefits and typically cost less than a latte per patient, per month. We also provide the option of having patients sign up at the practice or signing up from home (while still connecting them with their doctor).

What is your goal?

We want to help raise awareness around the importance of oral health's relationship to systemic health and highlight the importance of changing your toothbrush on a regular basis. We're working with dental practices to help improve care by deepening the practices' relationship with patients.

What do you want DPS viewers/users to know about your company and mission?

GoodMouth is a rare 'win, win, win' service. Becoming a GoodMouth practice is incredibly easy and highly impactful. We understand the challenges of dental office workflow and have built GoodMouth to integrate seamlessly with practices without being disruptive. The entire program has been carefully designed to benefit patients, practices, and the community.

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