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Raising Funds for Young Boy's Facial Reconstruction and Dreams

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Just got a press release about the long journey of Sisay and thought I'd share...

sisay with implant

At 6-years-old, Sisay (right) was attacked by a hyena in  his family's backyard in Africa. Among his many injuries, Sisay lost his nose, upper jaw, and part of his upper lip, and his eye socket was torn open. He was fortunate to recieve extensive surgical treatment in the United States. The medical team used components from Sterngold and Cendres & Metaux to reconstruct Sisay's face?16 surgeries. Details of the procedures are described in an online letter from Sterngold CEO Gordon Craig. He is now living with his adoptive family in Pennsylvania after learning to speak English watching the Disney channel. 

Sterngold has launched a fundraising campaign to send Sisay to his new favorite destination, Disney World, and to cover any future medical expenses he may occur. If you're so inclined, visit the Web site of the Pi Foudation  to make a donation.




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