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Recovered and Recharged

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I encourage you to start by planning your family goals first, and here I?m assuming you like being with your family. I have determined that I want to spend as much time with my family as possible (priority number 1) so I?ve been practicing 3 days a week (work is priority number 2). Now I have to support the family, they like to wear clothes and eat and be warm at night, so I have to determine how to make enough in the time I work to do that. Now many of you get this far, but the next step is crucial and that is developing a plan and communicating that plan to your team. A dentist that wants to walk into the office and make a million dollars can do that, but if the team doesn?t know that?s the goal or how they?re going to accomplish the task it?s going to remain the dentist?s wishful thinking or lead to frustration. Many dentists, business owners that they are, know how much they need to make and how much they?d like to make, but never do. My advice is to plan, communicate, and act.

Another thing I?m big on is education. When I go to a course and learn something new it is invigorating. I see more that I should have been treating, and, ultimately the practice does better. And when I?m at the course and like what I?m learning, I make the commitment to do what I?ve learned and I buy the necessary equipment to do it right; most of the manufacturers that I teach for have ?starter kits? that make it easy to get you going. Take a course on something that you enjoy doing in the practice or would like to do in the practice and be sure to take your team so that on Monday, you?re all ready to go. If you go by yourself, the change will be very difficult to make because you?ll have to push the team, but if you take the team they should be the ones pushing you. If you have the right team, the cost is an investment that will return so much more, and you?ll all have much more fun.

And finally look at your service. You?re all great clinicians in your patients? mind or they wouldn?t be opening their wallets and mouths for you, but would they see another dentist if they could save a precious dollar? In this economy you don?t think your loyal clients think about that? Or does your office make them feel so special that they would never consider changing dentists? And what costs more finding new patients or keeping the ones you have? Again, the cost of keeping the ones you have is an investment, but get them talking about you again and how great your practice is so they refer patients to you just like them. Give your trusting clients a little more than what they?ve come to expect so they?ll tell their friends and colleagues about your practice.

2010 is looking to be a better year so my hope to you is that you make the best. My gift to you is just these little bits of advice.



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