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Remember To Smile During June

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A persons eyes (27%) and physique (16%) were the second and third place finishers. The survey was conducted to ?shine a spotlight on the importance of oral health and its relation to overall well-being,? according to the Delta Dental press release.

The results also found that 64% of individuals like their smile and that over 30% of them wouldn?t change anything about it, though cosmetic touchups were a common trend when it came to fixing smiles. 

Over 1,000 people took the survey, which claimed that 64% of survey takers believe a smile has an effect on a person?s overall success in life. 

"Delta Dental is dedicated to improving oral health, so we asked Americans about a wide variety of topics, both serious and light, related to their oral health," Jennifer Elliott, vice president of the Delta Dental Plans Association said. "One finding is that people who go to the dentist at least once a year are actually more likely to feel better about their lives."

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