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Report on the Greater New York Dental Meeting

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I was also privileged to be inducted into the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics headed up by Drs. George Freedman and David Hoexter and joined by Dr. Irwin Smigel, who had a big impact on my career when I used to attend his esthetic presentations more than two decades ago: Dr. Smigel showed me the possibilities. The follow-up reception was fun as I caught up with friends, Dr. David Little and his wife and family, and Dr. Bill Blatchford and his wife. Dinner was great and was spent with Jennifer de St. Georges, who has been a long-time friend, and a new friend, Dr. Carlos Alfonso. Afterwards I ran into Mr. Stephen O'Connell from Snap-on Smile which I think is a great product with many uses.

Back on the convention floor Den-Mat was demonstrating their LumiTray veneer delivery system and their new Sapphire Light Plus. I had fun working with Joanne Costantini, of Brican America, doing a table-top exercise on models where she, as a non-dentist, sat an upper case of eight veneers in just minutes with the LumiTray. I checked out and was intrigued by OraVerse, the anesthetic reversal drug, created by Novalar. It's the drug we've all been waiting for to reverse the anesthetic quickly.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the team from Septodont whose Septocaine I use for lower infiltrations, but they also have a line of restorative and infection control products. Orascoptic's HiRes Plus 4.8 magnification loupes were quite impressive and will be on my Christmas list-(hint, hint). And Shofu's new BeautiBond is a bonding agent that I'm anxious to give a try. A group I always enjoy is the the GoldenMisch Physics Forceps team whose great forceps for atraumatic tooth removal make you think 'why didn't I think of that?' I had fun making a video for SDI's seT cement (self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement) and doing workshops with their ICE, ROK and WAVE composites where the dentists and team members in attendance were fabulous. I thank AXIS Dental, Triodent, and Contact Perfect for their support of the workshop.

I also had my cousin Dr. David Kumamoto, 2009 CDS President, and Dr. Michael Stablein, 2009 CDS President-elect visit before I started my workshop on Wednesday which was a great treat. Yes, there were many more friends that I met, but I'll leave it at this for now. I'm looking forward to the Yankee Dental Congress 35 meeting in January and will report back on the latest and greatest that I can find. I like this 'job'!

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