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Rethinking Bruxism Treatment

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Q: What is Dreamgard? 

A: Dreamgard is an FDA cleared nightguard that offers patients a more affordable and effective treatment and dentists a significantly streamlined process and a more effective clinical and economic solution.

Q: Why is FDA clearance important for your product? 

A: FDA clearance is important for a couple of reasons. First, FDA clearance provides patients and practices with an assurance of quality, safety and effectiveness, which reduces risk and improves confidence in the treatment. Secondly, FDA clearance allows Dreamgard to brand, label, market and make medical claims, which allows us to educate patients on bruxism and the Dreamgard solution. Lack of education on the disorder and treatment options is one of the primary reasons bruxism sufferers don't get treated and find relief.

Q: What is the origin story of Dreamgard?

A: Dreamgard was founded by Steve Washburn, the former CEO of Shock Doctor, the world's largest manufacturer of athletic mouthguards. Steve noticed that his wife was frustrated trying to find an effective and affordable treatment to relieve the symptoms of her nighttime teeth grinding. He also learned that there are more than 60 million Americans who grind their teeth at night, with fewer than 20% finding treatment. Steve committed himself to solving this problem affecting the lives of so many people needlessly. Partnering with leading experts in the field, Steve developed a product that is a superior clinical and economic solution for patients and dentists alike. Dreamguard was born from Steve's personal experience with bruxism and his interest in finding a better solution.

Q: What is Bruxism?

A: Bruxism is primarily considered a stress-related sleep disorder that manifests itself in teeth grinding and jaw clenching while sleeping, however causes can often be multifactorial.  People tend to grind their teeth for several different reasons. The primary reason that people grind their teeth is due to stress, anxiety or tension. Bruxism can also arise from misalignment of the teeth (often caused by poorly fitted crowns or fillings), certain food allergies, alcohol consumption, use of stimulants (caffeine, etc.) and certain prescription medications such as antidepressants.
Bruxism can cause a variety of dental and medical issues, including moderate to severe tooth wear and damage, tooth, jaw, facial and neck pain, headaches, sleep disruption and TMJ syndrome. "Sleep bruxism is very common, and occurs in approximately 80% of all adults at some point in their lives. It is estimated that 60 million people in the U.S. grind their teeth and experience symptoms severe enough to require treatment. When diagnosed early, teeth grinding can be treated before it causes permanent damage." There are no medications available to treat sleep bruxism. The recommended treatment is the use of a nightguard.

Q: How is Dreamgard different than other nightguards on the market?

A: Before designing our product we conducted research and focus groups. We learned that patients weren't happy with the current solutions and weren't getting relief and dentists weren't happy with current solutions, and as a result were undertreating the disorder.
Current solutions don't work for the patient because the nightguards they?ve tried were too uncomfortable to wear all night long and often unaffordable to consider as a treatment solution. Current solutions don't work for the dentist because there is typically high chair time and high doctor time required to fit and adjust the nightguards, and treatment outcomes are often unpredictable. 
Dreamgard nightguards are ultra thin and low profile, and use an advanced multi-layer soft/hard construction that is 30% to 50% thinner than other nightguards. This provides the best combination of fit, comfort, protection and effectiveness for the patient, promoting compliance and relief.  Dreamguard provides an improved and streamlined solution for dentists, including the use of a unique in-mouth equilibration process that eliminates the need for fitting and adjusting, insuring a perfect fit and balanced bite, while significantly reducing valuable chair time and doctor time. Ultimately, Dreamgard's solution is more affordable for the patient and more profitable for the practice.


Q: Do you have a patient success story you can share?

A: Yes, here is what Carly R., a Dreamgard patient had to say about her experience.  "Dreamgard changed my life. For about seven months I was grinding my teeth without knowing it. My jaw had a constant pain and it was common to have headaches. I attributed it to stress. When I went in to the dentist they pointed out the teeth I had worn down from grinding. They looked like chipped teeth. After that, I tried using and athletic mouthguard to reduce the grinding. The mouthguard was bulky and uncomfortable. When I got my first Dreamgard I was shocked at how slender it was. It fit my teeth perfectly and you could hardly tell I was even wearing a nightguard. Now that I have a Dreamgard, the pain has stopped and the headaches are gone. I sleep better and feel more rested in the morning."

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