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Smart Toothbrush Tracks Brushing Habits

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 The Kolibree named for the Colibri genus of hummingbird, is an electric toothbrush that connects to Android and iOS devices via bluetooth. An app displays data gathered by the toothbrush: it analyzes your brushing, lets you track your habits over time, tracks the areas of your mouth that you?re brushing, and gives you a heads up when sections may need a little more tender love and care.

Kolibree Smart ToothbrushIn the company?s words, the Kolibree is designed to ?outsmart your dentist.? While that?s unlikely (as, in the company?s own words, "Kolibree doesn?t proclaim to solve periodontal disease or suggest it can keep cavities or gingivitis at bay,?) the Kolibree could be a great asset to dentists with patients who dislike coming in?though the toothbrush doesn?t wholly prevent damage, it can help individuals feel like they?re taking greater charge of their dental health, and assist them in building confidence for coming in to the dentist.


The toothbrush and an early version of the app will go on display at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, and a Kickstarter campaign will launch this summer where individuals can place orders between $99 and $200.

Image courtesy of The Verge.

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