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Spotlight on Sensors: Intraoral Sensor Positioning Technique Review

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Although digital intraoral sensors have many advantages over film, I find that many of my colleagues and their staff sometimes find placement more difficult?especially when they first make the switch to digital radiography. Since I am focusing my attention on sensors this month, I wanted to dedicate a brief post to the techniques used for intraoral sensor positioning. Correctly positioning the sensor the first time has many benefits, including:

- Improved patient comfort
- More efficient  image acquisition
- Improved accuracy and improved  image composition
- Reduced radiation exposure for patients

Positioning Techniques

There are a number of positioning techniques that can be used, depending on patient age and morphology, the patient?s comfort, and your working habits. I?ll provide a general overview of each of the techniques, but for a more in-depth analysis, I would recommend reading Best Practices and Patient Comfort with Digital Intraoral Radiography by Gail F. Williamson, RDH, MS or your sensor manufacturer?s user guide.

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