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Sterilization Isn't a Profit Center...Or Is It?

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The reason I focus on sterilization is because my company recently did a consumer survey asking people the three most important factors in choosing a dentist. We were a bit surprised to find that "cleanliness of the office" scored the highest. (As an aside, "the honesty and trustworthy-ness of the dentist" was second. How they would gauge that I do not know.) So the fact is, having a clean and obviously well-sterilized office will have an effect on practice growth. I say "obviously" because you want people to be able to see clearly, perhaps in a new patient office tour, the lengths you go to sterilize your facility. And of course it should always look clean, which may mean new paint, or carpeting, or new ceiling tiles on a regular basis.

When looking at expenses in your practice, factor in the marketing value, because some may seem too expensive or unnecessary or unprofitable, but the indirect value could be critical to your growth and success.

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This blog post was re-posted with permission from 1-800-DENTIST.

Fred Joyal is the Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST, and author of the book Everything Is Marketing: the Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth. He has worked in the dental industry for 26 years, and has helped thousands of practices grow with new patients and with marketing guidance. He speaks all over the country on dental marketing, social media, and practice management

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