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Sugar-Packed Sports Drinks Wreaking Dental Havoc

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A CBS article chronicles the story of Jon Salisbury, a multisport athlete throughout high school and college. At 25, Salisbury has already had 2 root canals. The cause? The sports drinks he would consume pregame and during competition. 

"On any given day, I?d drink at least half a gallon of Gatorade to prepare for it, if not more, and that didn?t include if I had an energy drink,? Salisbury said.

Dr. Peter Arsenault, Division Head of Operative Dentistry at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine has seen this trend grow in young athletes and wants to try to put an end to it. 

?This is a disease that we know how to stop, and dental disease is the most widespread disease in the world. It?s almost an epidemic because we?re seeing young people emulate athletes. And it?s being supplied now in high schools and colleges and even at the youth levels where kids are drinking Gatorade. There?s a lot of marketing that goes into it.?

So what solution does Dr. Arsenault provide for those looking to replenish their bodies during competition?

"Truthfully, you can probably just get by with regular water,? he said.

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