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Survey Says ? Don?t Pull Your Own Teeth Out!

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The survey, which was conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation, collected more than 2000 from individuals. The results found that 17% of individuals would remove the tooth themselves, while 4% would ask a friend. Of the 2000 results, the survey found that 80% would leave the problem alone until they could afford an actual trip to the dentist. 

The process of pulling out ones teeth can lead to infection and other oral complications if done improperly. The British Dental Health Foundation advises individuals to not attempt such an act without a professional, calling the tooth pulling solution ?'senseless.?

?DIY dentistry is both dangerous and unnecessary,? Dr. Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said. ?There are too many senseless examples of people either pulling out the wrong tooth or ending up with an infection. It is all too easy to make the problem worse, which could result in more invasive and expensive treatment, so I urge those considering self-treatment to think again.?

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