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Sweet Treats Turn Into Sweeter Rewards

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For every pound of candy brought to Spearmint Dental, the office will reward children with $1.

"We hope to create awareness in children and reduce the negative impact that so much candy poses to their dental health," Dr. Sean Bhasin, the owner and operator of Spearmint Dental said to Market Wired. "We believe in rewarding children for their efforts by giving them something in return. We hope parents will embrace this and encourage their children to participate."

Spearmint Dental is also partnering with local Edmonton schools to raise awareness of proper oral health, especially during this candy-crunching holiday. 

Spearmint Dental is donating a minimum of $500 to 2 schools and providing children with an LED toothbrush. One child from each school also will win an iPad.

"It's imperative that we reach out to the community in order to teach children about the importance of their oral health," Dr. Bhasin said. "By working with the schools to promote good oral hygiene, we can make the community we love and serve a healthier and happier place."

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